Private Policy


  1. Policy

At (“EAL”) we are committed to protecting the privacy of our members and guests. We only ask for personal information that is necessary to provide the services of this site to our members. Your e-mail address will be used only to communicate club information to you such as sending a regular newsletter and to inform you of new features at EAL. Personal information regarding any individual will never be given to outside parties. However, we may give aggregate information such as demographic statistics to potential advertisers or partners.

  1. User Accounts

EAL allows users to set up personal accounts to participate in our on-line communities, such as our message boards.  You have the ability to edit your User Information at any time, and may delete your account at your convenience.  Under no condition will EAL share your user account information with another individual, business or government entity, unless EAL is required to respond to court orders, subpoenas or other legal process.

  1. Amendments

EAL reserves the right to amend this policy at any time.  EAL will contact registered users by e-mail, and shall also post a notice of changes on its website, and if the terms of this policy are amended.



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