Language Exchange FAQ

  • What is a language exchange?
    A language exchange is when you meet with someone who is a native speaker of the language you are learning, and who wants to learn your native language. You spend half your time together speaking in one language and the other half speaking the other. You can do this in-person, over coffee, a drink, or just a meeting somewhere fun and convenient, or online.

  • Why should I do a language exchange?
    Practicing a foreign language with a native speaker is the best way to gain fluency. You are able to hear their accent, get corrected instantly, and learn typical phrases. Of course, the best part is that you can make a new friend and learn about a new culture.

  • Where do I meet my language partner?
    When you meet for an in-person language exchange, you will want to meet in a public place like a bar, restaurant, coffee shop, or park. You can also do different "field trips" like the supermarket, mall, museum, or zoo. Try different places, and maybe trade off choosing a place each time you meet. Maybe make it applicable to the language you are learning, like meeting in a Mexican restaurant, or at a South American Festival if you are trying to learn Spanish.

  • How often do I correct my partner's mistakes?
    Make corrections in a polite way. Don't correct every mistake as your partner will never get to practice if you are always correcting. You may want to make corrections of frequent mistakes out loud and write down other mistakes and give them as notes at the end of the meeting. Remember.... you cant learn a language without making mistakes!

  • What do we talk about?
    Check out our Activities for suggestions of activities, games, and topics. The important thing is that your exchanges can be anything you want them to be, as long as you are speaking. Make it fun - talk about the weather, fashion, movies, TV, or your families as you are getting to know each other.

  • How do I become an ambassador or intern with Exchange A Language?
    Click here to learn more about getting involved in this language exchange networking community.

  • Should I do an online language exchange or a in-person language exchange?
    That depends on what you are looking for. You can improve your listening and speaking very effectively in-person. You can do online written exchange to exchange messages with someone anywhere in the world to improve your grammar and word usage. We would recommend doing both to really improve your skills so you can learn to speak like a native.

  • How do I become listed in the directory?
    For more information about advertising with us, click here.

  • How do I get started?
    Sign up to become a member of the community by clicking here. Then try visiting the Partner Search and Groups section to search for an in-person exchange or an online group. Don't forget to visit our directory to learn about language software tools and schools.

    Remember, the best way to learn a language is formalized learning in combination with a language exchange partner. Have fun!

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